For supplier use:

For procurement use:

Improved data quality
The data will be based on automatically generated information from business registers, company web pages and other internet sources. This improves accuracy and freshness of data.

Intuitive and modern user interface
The users will work in a modern web interface with the latest web and database technology.

Automatic update of financial data
Financial data, credit ratings etc. are automatically updated from business registers and other validated sources. This means less work for administration and updating your EPIM JQS company pages.

Intuitive and modern user interface
The users will work in a modern web interface with familiar features that one is accustomed to from services such as, etc.

Efficient creation of your company pages
The new EPIM JQS contains a built-in tool that retrieves relevant data for your company and publish it on your EPIM JQS company pages. Examples of this information is; key personnel, products, services, references, newsfeed etc.

This allow each company an excellent starting point to develop and maintain their company pages.

Comparison views
There are flexible opportunities to alter selections and create comparison views leading to identification and analysis of possible suppliers.

Search functionality for all companies
In EPIM JQS all companies, including suppliers, will have the opportunity to use the features available.

This means that all companies can search and identify suppliers, sub-suppliers or business partners for their own projects and business development needs.

Advanced search
The cognitive search functionality makes EPIM JQS a very efficient and flexible tool for procurement processes. By applying a variety of filters, you will be able to identify a suitable selection of potential suppliers.

Search statistics and analytics
Each supplier will get access to statistics on searches where your company was found. This will contain information such as; date and time, keywords, filtering options used, search result ranking, product category and services etc. 

This information can be used for both strategic and operational purposes and be input to your further development of the EPIM JQS company page.

Internationally recognized standards
The UNSPSC categorization standard (products and services) and the IOGP423-01 Capability Assessment (HSEQ and Risk) are widely used and accepted international standards.

This makes the pre-qualification predictable and widely accessible to the international supplier market.