What is EPIM JQS?

EPIM JQS is short for «Joint Qualification System». The JQS is a register of companies for promotion of their products and services according to international category standard UNSPSC. The companies have also made a self-assessment of their capabilities within Health, Safety, Quality and Risk based upon international guidelines IOGP423-01.

October 1st 2018, EPIM will, on behalf of its Operator members, provide a new service (EPIM JQS) for purchasers and suppliers who trade products and services on the NCS.

January 1st 2019, EPIM JQS will be the only Joint Qualification System used by operators on the NCS.

EPIM has now initiated the process of onboarding your company in EPIM JQS. In due time, you will receive confirmation emails from both EPIM ID and EPIM JQS. It is then, that you will be able to sign in to EPIM JQS.

Some companies will also be contacted by the EPIM Onboarding team where we see that some information from the registration process may be incomplete, in order to get correct basic data in EPIM JQS.

To companies who has signed up for EPIM JQS

What category standard is used for products & services within EPIM JQS?

EPIM JQS has adapted the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) as a category standard for the registration of products and services. UNSPSC is a taxonomy of products and services for use in eCommerce. It is a four-level hierarchy coded as an eight-digit number, with an optional fifth level adding two more digits. The UNSPSC was jointly developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Dun & Bradstreet in 1998 and is currently managed by GS1 US, which is responsible for overseeing code change requests, revising the codes and issuing regularly scheduled updates to the code, as well as managing special projects and initiatives.

EPIM is a «non-profit» organization and provides the service on a cost coverage basis. From October 1st the price is 5.500,- NOK for one year. This include an EPIM administration fee of 1.000 NOK.

What is the cost of this service?

What is the purpose of the solution?

EPIM JQS is a service that enables pre-qualification of suppliers to the Operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). The pre-qualification is based upon the companies providing key information about their products and services as well as a self-assessment within HSE and risk management.

This pre-qualification provides the purchasers with qualified company and products/services information according to commonly used international standards as well as financial information from business registers. The purpose of all this is to provide accurate and useful information that will increase business opportunities for those involved. 

If your company plans or would like to continue to be a supplier to the operators on the NCS, it will become a requirement to be represented in EPIM JQS. From January 1st 2019, EPIM JQS will be used exclusively as the source to identify potential suppliers for the operators on the NCS.

Is it necessary for me to use such solution?

What are the benefits for my company to be part of EPIM JQS?

If you click "Sign up to EPIM JQS" on the front page, you will get directed to EPIM.no/onboarding site with an Application form that needs to be filled out. Your contact details will be used by our onboarding team to make sure you will be facilitated in your JQS Onboarding.

What happens after I have signed up to EPIM JQS?

By using available technology and so-called webcrawl, we have already at your first login generated a lot of information on your company site. This is based on content from your own websites, public records and further relevant information on the Internet.

We will also make videos for self-help as well as presentations of EPIM JQS opportunities. To keep yourself updated we encourage you to watch the links found in the News section on our website www.epimjqs.no.

How does it look, and can I get help to present my company in EPIM JQS?